Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates

Book Cover for Professional Web Design by Clint EccherProfessional Web Design: Techniques and Templates by Clint Eccher

If your small business or organization has been around for 10 years or more you are probably on your 2nd or 3rd or 4th iteration of your website.   You may have traveled the path of paying thousands for a site back in the 90's, to then having the site go dormant to then having your neighbor or nephew overhaul the site with updated content but a less professional design.  

Perhaps you have grown and now have an in-house staffer or standing IT guy who works on your site.   Wherever you at this stage of your business, Clint Eccher's book might be worth a look.  It contains a beneficial primer to the big-picture of planning for, comping and creating a working website.  There are sections that are useful for the owner, the designer and the programmer (coder) whether those are three people or one person covering all three roles.

Book Cover for Professional Web Design by Clint Eccher

The book is in its 4th edition and though updated contains a plethora of references to the 90's (when all the website craze was getting fully underway) and to 56k modems.   However, rather than this being a total distraction, it actually provides some good contect for understanding how things started and how they progressed and what has been learned in the meantime about good looking, useful websites.

The picture of the book cover above should link you to an Amazon listing with all the book's vitals.



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