NCITE closing retail store and computer repair shop…


From: VisionTech, LLC dba NCITE

Date: 2/12/2013

Re: Discontinuation of consumer-related product and service offerings.


For Immediate Release:

In an effort to adapt to permanent changes in the Information Technology service space, NCITE is discontinuing all consumer-related product and service offerings. 

After February 28, 2013 NCITE will no longer be operating its retail store or depot computer repair service at 4155 Rhea County Highway in Dayton, TN.

Starting March 1, 2013, NCITE will be moving to a new office location.   We will now be focusing solely on the Business to Business (B2B) IT space where we will continue to service and support the municipalities, non-profit organizations and SMB clients that subscribe to our “OversITe” managed services program.   We believe this singular focus on our managed services practice is consistent with our core values and core competencies.   We also believe this transition will strengthen our ability to serve our B2B clientele with excellence.

NCITE’s owners and staff members would again like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who made purchases in our retail store and/or had their desktops and laptops repaired in our shop.

For additional information (such as processing a warranty claim) you may contact us at 423-570-7741, by email at, or up through 6:00 p.m. on February 28, 2013, you may stop by our current location in person.

Thank you,


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