Managing Mobile Devices…A Picture Is Worth?

As if the information technology/business world didn't have enough acronymns, we are now bombarded daily with BYOD and MMD.  The latter should not be confused with WMD and the former looks way too much like BYOB but be that as it may, these two new terms are now on the radar.   BYOD = Bring Your Own Device.   This refers to the plethora of personally owned devices that today's workers employ in their personal and vocational lives with or without "COMPANY/CORPORATE" permission.    Like it or not, employees, staff and team-members ARE connecting to company networks with smart-phones and tablets and laptops.   Enter MMD.   MMD stands for mobile device management and refers to mitigating the security risks and corporate data protection required as a result of rampant BYOD.

Lest you despair at yet another item on the checklist, here's a "simple" (Ha!) infographic guaranteed to put your mind at ease–

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