Read At Your Own Risk…

I want to recommend a book to you that has frankly been very disruptive for me but extremely valuable.


It is THE ONE THING by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Find it here on Amazon. 


I have read a lot of books on life-planning, goal setting, time-blocking and identifying one's real mission and purpose in life, family, and business.


This one is now tied for first place with the now classic 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.  


The diagrams and pictures alone, in THE ONE THING, will challenge much of the average person's conception of how our priorities have to align with our purpose if we are to really make our mark and leave a legacy.


Tim Wilkey
President of NCITE


Do you take tech-gear with you when you camp?

I saw this article in the WSJ and my first thought was, "If I'm going camping, I want to get 'away' from all my gadgets!".

But as a dad with 5 sons, 4 of whom are still 'at home', I wondered, "Which would I rather have, camping with kids and gadgets or no camping at all?"

I'm sure the purists reject this whole discussion on principle, but in case you want to know which gadgets are tough enough for the outdoors, here you go.



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Is Apple’s watch good for your health?

Is Apple's watch good for your health?

Maybe. The watch reminds you of your activity, exercise and stand-up goals for the day.  However, it may not cure your life-long struggles with being late.   "The Apple Watch has been the most helpful to me as a plain, old regular watch, though I’ve now proven that even the highest tech watch won’t solve my lifelong problem of being chronically 10 minutes late."  says Joanna Stern of the WSJ.

For a great first-hand (or should I say first-wrist) review of the watch from a health, budget, features and style pespective, see Joanna's article.



Windows 10 FREE…if…

Microsoft will be implementing an interesting new strategy with regard to rolling out a new operating system. For computer users who have a computer running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, Windows 10 will be free for the first year.

You can read the details here.



A bald-headed man and a red-headed woman

Picture of a pig with the caption alright team let's get some lipstick on this sucker!Marketing! Good marketing, bad marketing, anything is better than no marketing. Right?

Well, as a business owner I operate daily with the understanding that marketing is vital. But, being human I have to admit that, as a recipient of marketing, I'm not sure I 100% agree with the assessment that all marketing is worth the risk.

By that I mean, I can't help but feel a little lousy when I receive marketing from someone I already give money to monthly and they are seeking to sign me up as a new client. Even more fun is to be had when someone doing a joint-venture sends me mail addressing me as their customer (and I'm not) asking me to do business with someone they highly recommend (whom I am already a client of).

Maybe I'm the one being a jerk but frankly this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It makes me not want to do business with the guy I have yet to do business with and it makes me want to do less business with the person they recommended to me who I am already doing business with.

How about this. You (we'll pretend your name is John) and I have already met and done some business together. Later, your friend (we'll call him Pete) calls me up and acts like we've met before, even though we haven't, and says you thought it would be a good idea for me to try your services.

Like I said, maybe it's just me. I guess it's a testimony to the scale I operate on that I expect marketers to at least keep track of whether I'm their customer already or not. I realize they are dealing in hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of addresses at a time; but as a human being I guess there's always a desire to be in a place where "everybody knows your name".




Managing Mobile Devices…A Picture Is Worth?

As if the information technology/business world didn't have enough acronymns, we are now bombarded daily with BYOD and MMD.  The latter should not be confused with WMD and the former looks way too much like BYOB but be that as it may, these two new terms are now on the radar.   BYOD = Bring Your Own Device.   This refers to the plethora of personally owned devices that today's workers employ in their personal and vocational lives with or without "COMPANY/CORPORATE" permission.    Like it or not, employees, staff and team-members ARE connecting to company networks with smart-phones and tablets and laptops.   Enter MMD.   MMD stands for mobile device management and refers to mitigating the security risks and corporate data protection required as a result of rampant BYOD.

Lest you despair at yet another item on the checklist, here's a "simple" (Ha!) infographic guaranteed to put your mind at ease–


Which comes first, feelings or results?

When Ken Blanchard wrote (with Spencer Johnson) the now famous One Minute Manager, he said, "People who feel good about themselves produce good results."   Later, when writing Putting the One Minute Manager to Work, (with Robert Lorber) he changed course and reversed the sentiment saying, "People who produce good results feel good about themselves."

I am reminded by his comment that it is easy for owners and managers to forget how important their teammates' job-related fullfillment is.

Blanchard goes on to say, in The Heart of a Leader that we must, "…make it a priority to help…people produce good resutls in two ways: making sure people know what their goals are and doing everything possible to support, encourage, and coach them to accomplish those goals."

Thinking back to all the many ways that past leaders have encouraged, helped and inspired us, perhaps we can make it a point today to focus on the success of those following our lead at home, at work and at church.

For more thoughts along these lines, take a look at The Heart of a Leader; it's a compilation of Blanchard's favorite sayings.  You can read it through in one sitting or read one saying a day for a few months. 



NCITE closing retail store and computer repair shop…


From: VisionTech, LLC dba NCITE

Date: 2/12/2013

Re: Discontinuation of consumer-related product and service offerings.


For Immediate Release:

In an effort to adapt to permanent changes in the Information Technology service space, NCITE is discontinuing all consumer-related product and service offerings. 

After February 28, 2013 NCITE will no longer be operating its retail store or depot computer repair service at 4155 Rhea County Highway in Dayton, TN.

Starting March 1, 2013, NCITE will be moving to a new office location.   We will now be focusing solely on the Business to Business (B2B) IT space where we will continue to service and support the municipalities, non-profit organizations and SMB clients that subscribe to our “OversITe” managed services program.   We believe this singular focus on our managed services practice is consistent with our core values and core competencies.   We also believe this transition will strengthen our ability to serve our B2B clientele with excellence.

NCITE’s owners and staff members would again like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who made purchases in our retail store and/or had their desktops and laptops repaired in our shop.

For additional information (such as processing a warranty claim) you may contact us at 423-570-7741, by email at, or up through 6:00 p.m. on February 28, 2013, you may stop by our current location in person.

Thank you,