Is Apple’s watch good for your health?

Is Apple's watch good for your health? Maybe. The watch reminds you of your activity, exercise and stand-up goals for the day.  However, it may not cure your life-long struggles with being late.   "The Apple Watch has been the most helpful to me as a plain, old regular watch, though I’ve now proven that even


Thank you WindowsXP!

 DEARLY BELOVED, we are gathered here to say goodbye to Microsoft Windows XP.  Born October 25, 2001, XP stood as a shining light in the operating systems community for three reasons. First, XP came from hardy stock, built upon the foundaton of Windows NT, not Windows 95.  THe infusion of new blood did much to


Cloud Update – Microsoft’s Status

  Will Microsoft's Cloud OS Revolutionize IT? Here's a great article that answers that guestion.  The article is by Jeff James and he posts regularly over at Petri– Cloud computing was the latest buzzword in the IT industry a few years ago, and it's had several years worth of growing pains while vendors worked to address

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