"Please send me a rate sheet for the IT services that you provide and explain your process for onboarding new clients."


"I would consider it a privilege to learn about your business and discuss your IT needs and goals. Due to the multitude of variables and varying degrees of complexity involved in any particular business, our arrangements with our clients all vary quite a bit and are custom to each client. However, our IT services are delivered for a flat-rate and that rate is significantly impacted by the number of staff being supported and the number of sites those staff reside in.

Just like the other established businesses which we ourselves serve, there are some specifics as to the size of client and type of client that make up our customer base.  In terms of a broad context, NCITE services clients who invest between several hundred dollars per month and twenty thousand dollars per month.

Additionally, it may help to know that we are only serving clients with at least 5 end-user computing devices and at least 1 server.

As for our onboarding process, it has been perfected over the last many years and I would be happy to discuss that in person.

Regarding possible next steps, please note that we have a definitive, non-invasive, process using state-of-the art technology, that can inventory your environment to help arrive at an accurate $ number regarding the support of your business.

This process is a no-obligation/no-cost assessment. If you would like to meet in person, let me know. Have a great day."

Tim Wilkey, President NCITE

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