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NCITE TECH is a family-owned and operated IT Managed Service Provider catering small businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in the East Tennessee and North Georgia area. Our highest priority is to get your enterprise established, secured, and backed up against future technological failures so your company is protected, and continues to stay protected. You have work to do, so let us take care of this one


Who We Are

NCITE TECH is a professional-services firm exclusively focused on serving local businesses. Our B2B product and service offerings have been custom developed by our local staff to meet the real-life, everyday demands of the modern office.

NCITE TECH has invested heavily in industry leading tools for monitoring, managing, securing and supporting the modern office's network, computers, electronic communication and vital data. We've made it our business to find economical and reliable solutions for the IT needs of our clients.

We are a local business, and privately owned. We live and work in and around the same towns and cities that you do in the SouthEast Tennessee/North Georgia area. We understand making a weekly payroll. We understand the demands that small businesses and non-profits face. In a manner consistent with our clients day-to-day, real-life operations, we give honest assessments and practical advice that we believe they can use to make informed decisions about their IT needs.


We are working hard to provide you with a single-source provider for all aspects of the modern office's IT needs.

What We Do

The reason you have a network, systems, hardware, software and all the rest is to make your business run better, so you can reach your goals faster. The simpler it can be, the better. There's no excuse for complicated technology that demands more of your time and attention that the business it was created to serve. We keep it in perspective by:

  • people who will learn your business before making tech recommendations
  • IT solutions designed to help streamline your daily operations and achieve your long-term goals
  • systems that grow with your business to maximize your investment in technology
  • customized hardware and software at very competitive prices

How We Do It

From time to time, you're going to have glitches. And, on the bright side, you're going to grow. We keep IT productive by: 

  • Delivering quick, affordable support.
  • Communicating with you and your staff well
  • Designing systems with an eye to your future needs

See what our clients have to say!

At NCITE,we understand that you don't yet know us, aren't sure if you will like us, and haven't had any experience to give you reason to trust that's why we aren't asking you to take our word for it. We invite you to check out our customer testimonials for a real-life, local, comparable to your situation, example of how NCITE does business.

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